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tiger costume

Tiger Accessories

Tiger Cartoon Plush

A masked warrior who takes the name of a legendary manga character, Tiger Mask brings a powerful ring presence and stomping moves to his fights. He is also known for his no-holds-barred beatdowns.

The character first stepped into wrestling in 1984 and made a splash. He was a hugely popular character, feuding with the likes of Dynamite Kid and Kuniaki Kobayashi. He eventually retired from active wrestling, but he has been immortalized with his character.

He was an orphan raised in the Chibikko House orphanage. He was hired by the criminal organization called Tiger's Den and trained to be a ruthless wrestler.

He is infuriated when he finds out that the Yellow Devil he beat was not the one who destroyed Zipangu and demands an explanation from Miss X. She smugly points out that masked gimmicks can be passed around easily.

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