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nerd emoji meme

Nerd Emoji Meme T-Shirt
Nerd Emoji Meme Fisherman Hats
Nerd Emoji Meme Boxers
Nerd Emoji Meme Hoodie
Nerd Emoji Meme Bucket Hat
Nerd Emoji Meme Hawaiian Shirt
Nerd Emoji Meme Sweatshirt
Nerd Emoji Meme Socks
Nerd Emoji Meme Blanket
Nerd Emoji Meme Aprons

Emoji developers created the glasses-wearing emoji with the smart-look stereotype in mind. However, some platforms took it too far by adding buckteeth to the icon. Luckily, a majority of emoji keyboards removed the offensive detail.

The nerd face is also linked to anti-Asian hate, especially for young Asian Americans who excel in their studies. They can be bullied by their peers who associate them with the nerd stereotype. Fortunately, more people are promoting equality and fighting against bullying, including those who fit the nerd stereotype. This is a positive step since bullying causes depression and anxiety in children.

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